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Prescription Safety Eyewear

Custom Programs to Fit Your Needs

Airgas will customize the right program for you with the largest selection of products and
program formats in the industry.

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EYELATION is a revolutionary, web­based program that can service every employee, on every shift, at every location.

The simple 3­ step system allows employees to capture their image, scan their prescription and order glasses in 7 to 10 minutes right at their worksite.

The software is customized to allow you to choose which frames, lenses and coatings you want. Decide on the dollar amount you wish to contribute and the software will walk your employees through the eyewear order. If the balance exceeds that amount, the employee can pay their portion at the kiosk. Founded by vision-industry veterans with more than 30 years of expertise in optical safety, Eyelation will meet the needs of all your employees in a cost­effective manner

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Airgas offers customized prescription safety eyewear programs to provide the highest quality safety eyewear at substantial cost savings to you! Because of our volume and purchasing power, we can offer the latest in Rx safety eyewear at lab­direct prices.

A LA CARTE gives you the flexibility to duplicate your current parameters or build a program from the ground up. Our team of opticians will help you create a program that best suits your unique requirements and budget.

PACKAGE PROGRAM offers you a selection of frames, lenses, sideshields and shipping all for one low price. If you decide to use someone from our optical panel, we can add their fee into the package. Working with a package price makes budgeting and invoicing very simple. You will be billed the same price every time for every employee.

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Protecting your employees is of the utmost concern to us. One area that we closely monitor is eyewear used for welding applications. If you require prescription glasses, you will need to choose between having the filter in your primary protector or in the prescription eyewear. Proper protection requires a dark green tint to minimize the intensity of the arc and an IR filter to stop infrared radiation which can cause corneal and/or retinal damage. If you wear a hood or faceshield with these properties, you should choose clear prescription lenses under them. If you choose to wear the prescription glasses as your primary protection, you must choose glass lenses with a green tint, or a specialty goggle or flip-up over your prescription. Glass has an inherent IR filter where plastic and polycarbonate do not. If you merely tint plastic or polycarbonate, you will reduce the intensity of the light, but will have no protection against radiation. You’ve probably seen polycarbonate non­Rx glasses designed specifically for welding. There are special tints with built­in IR properties that are baked onto non­Rx polycarbonate glasses. These tints are not used in prescription laboratories. Also be aware that a #1 green glass lens will be 3.0mm thick, but a #3 green glass must be 4.0mm to get to that depth of color, thus it will increase the weight.

High Temperature Glass WorkDidymiumNo
X-RayLeaded GlassNo
Gas Welding4-8 Green GlassNo
Electric Arc Welding10-14 Green GlassNo

Airgas may be your current supplier for respiratory products. Did you know we also supply inserts to hold prescription lenses? We carry a wide variety of spec kits for brands like 3M, North, Honeywell and MSA plus a few generics. Call us with the mask model number and we’ll send you a quote for the spec kit and prescription lenses.

Airgas provides prescription inserts for all SCBA and full­face respirators. Rx inserts, commonly called Spec Kits, allow anyone with corrective lenses to use prescription eyewear inside the mask without compromising the seal.


Both the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) have written standards and regulations that build on one another and help keep all workers safer from electrical hazards in the workplace. In 2009 the NFPA published a major update to its electrical safety codes. They called it NFPA 70E. We carry the latest in metal­free frames.