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Engineering, installing and certifying safe, reliable medical gas systems … from one trusted and proven source.

Airgas Medical Services, Inc. has a rich heritage in the medical gas piping and indoor air quality arenas that spans more than 20 years, making it the most experienced and reliable company in the business today.

Our reputation is built on a commitment to excellence that always focuses on the importance of medical gas systems for patient life support. Our mission is to provide the safest, most reliable medical gas systems available to assure peace of mind for patients, as well as health care providers. Our medical gas installers, inspectors and verifiers are credentialed technicians following ASSE compliance guidelines. We also enforce “Authority Having Jurisdiction” (AHJ) standards for approving equipment, materials, installation, or procedures for all our projects.

Our mission is also to support employees by assuring a safe environment in which to work. This is partly accomplished by providing indoor air quality assessments which not only test for exposure to OSHA-regulated substances, but also by providing information such as hourly air exchange rates.

Airgas Medical Services is a proven resource that can answer your toughest questions, provide expert guidance, and quickly respond to any emergency situation related to your medical gas piping or indoor air quality issues.

One source for:

Medical piped gas and vacuum systems
• Installation
• Testing
• Repairs
• Preventive maintenance
• Shut-down services
• Schematic drawings

Indoor air quality assessments
• Evaluation of OSHA regulated substances
• Pressure differential in isolation rooms
• Problem solve employee complaints

• Medical Gas Systems Installer School
• Become ASSE 6010 Qualified and meet NFPA requirements

Medical Piping Components

Airgas Medical Services, Inc. offers medical piping components from all major manufacturers, which can be custom configured to meet your exact needs and include, but are not limited to:

• Area alarms • Digital manifolds • Medical gas outlets
• Master alarms • Zone valve boxes
• Gas control panels source equipment (manifolds, medical air compressors,
vacuum pumps, etc.)

Please contact us — our professional staff will customize the appropriate products to meet your specific needs.

Monitoring Badges

Monitoring Badges measure occupational exposure to toxic vapors.

Oftentimes, in conjunction with on-site testing programs, organizations choose to have employees wear badges to further document employee exposure to hazardous vapors. Airgas Medical Services, Inc. offers monitoring badges for almost all medical gases and many industrial chemicals, including Ethylene Oxide, Glutaraldehyde, Formaldehyde, Xylene, Nitrous Oxide, Organic Vapors, Mercury, Acetic Acid and Toluene.

Vacuum System Cleaner

Airgas Medical Services' VSC-2000 Vacuum System Cleaner is suitable for recovery rooms, vacuum receivers, operating rooms, labor and delivery rooms, portable vacuum units and patient rooms.
• Cleans and deodorizes all vacuum system piping components
• Prevents the buildup of debris which can lead to reduced vacuum performance
• Has a fresh, clean scent
• Eliminates downtime to clean vacuum lines
• Will not harm your vacuum pumps when used as directed