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On-demand training for products, processes, and safety procedures.

You’ll find it with Airgas.

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Product, process, and safety training is critical in getting the most out of your investment in personnel, as well as the equipment and products they use on the job. In addition to increasing knowledge and performance, an effective training program can help you comply with regulatory requirements. Airgas makes training accessible and easy through the Airgas University. Users access professionally developed video training modules right through the Airgas website — There’s no scheduling, no travel, no hassles.

It’s about convenience.
Training courses through the Airgas University are available any time you are. Accessed online through the nearest computer, users can log on any time day or night. Whether you’re training new employees or offering a refresher for those who only occasionally deal with gases and equipment, on-demand, online training is the right solution.

It’s about quality information.
Our curriculum includes product-use information, such as “Regulator Change-out Training”, and safety training, such as “Hazards of Industrial Gases”. Courses consist of video-based training modules developed and produced by experienced Airgas product and safety professionals. Ask your Airgas representative or check out Airgas University for course listings.

It’s all about you.
We developed the Airgas University and our on-demand, online training after talking with customers. We understand the need for quality training programs and for more flexibility with scheduling. You get that, and a lot more, with the Airgas University.

It’s about saving money.
For those without access to formal, in-person Airgas training, online training through the Airgas University is the best, cost-effective alternative. eLearning is an economical way to assure employees get the basic product, processes, and safety training they need. Contact your local Airgas representative or visit for course pricing.